The status of abortion education in Ontario medical schools?

by Connell, Erin

Abstract (Summary)
The goal of this study is to explore the status of abortion education in Ontario medical schools. Survey research supported rny first hypothesis that undergraduate medical students are receiving little education on abortion issues. The data do not support my second hypothesis that because of this lack of training, few medical students are planning to offer abortion services as a part of their fùture medicai practices. This lack of training is due to the process of absorption, where the abortion issue was extracted from its political context and absorbed into institutional structures, resulting in the medicalization and institutionalization of abortion. The controversial nature of abortion itself, as well as the slow emergence of women's heaith issues into medical school currïcula. further explain this lack of training. These results are a cal1 to the women's movement to reexamine its strategies in order to prevent the depoliticization and absorption of feminist concems into institutionai structures. There are several people who contributed to the completion of this project that 1would Iike to take this oppomuiity to thank. First, 1would like to thank my advisor, Pat Armstrong. Amidst a very hectic schedule, she was always very supportive and patient and her guidance and intelligence truly inspirational. 1would also like to thank my mom for her on-going encouragement and support. Many thanks to my Aunt Jane, Alia, and especially Dr. JO-AnneLefevre for helping me with my statistics. Thanks also to al1 of my fnends and, in particular, Heidi, Duane, Melissa and Cathy, for always lending an ear during the often intimidating process of completing this project. Lastly, many thanks to Karen, without whom this project wouid never have corne to fniition.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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