The statistical variance of blood glucose levels of medicial intensive care unit patients while on an insulin infusion protocol

by Ackerman, Kimberly Lynn.

Abstract (Summary)
Hyperglycemia has been shown to have many negative consequences in the critically ill patient. Many physicians and nurses have been searching for ways to provide quality care for the critically ill and decrease the hyperglycemia found in the diabetic and nondiabetic Intensive Care Unit (ICU) patient. Many physicians and nurses around the world are studying the use of the insulin infusion protocol to combat the hyperglycemia and therefore decrease the negative consequences associated with hyperglycemia. This study was a retrospective chart review of medical ICU patients in three months in 2003 and the same three months in 2004 in order to determine the statistical variance of blood glucose readings while on an insulin infusion protocol (IIP). There is little literature about the nurses’ experience with the IIP. The study used medical patients from the Billings Clinic ICU in Billings, Montana who met inclusion criteria. Patients from the 2003 population utilized an IIP from 2002 and patients in the 2004 population utilized an IIP from 2003. Blood glucose readings were recorded and analyzed using SPSS 14.0. The study found no statistical difference in blood glucose readings due to a small sample size. There were interesting trends in the blood glucose data from 2003 to 2004. The results of the trends could be related to a more proficient understanding of the protocol and the rationale behind the protocol from the bedside nurse, as they are the sole operator of the protocol. Imogene King’s Theory of Goal Attainment is one to be utilized for nurses operating the IIP. The goal of the IIP is to decrease hyperglycemia, therefore increasing the health of a person. Imogene Kings’ theory integrates a personal, interpersonal, and social systems level to attain the ultimate goal, health. Nurses operating the IIP can utilize Imogene King’s theory to attain health for the patient. 1
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School:Montana State University-Billings

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Keywords:insulin hyperglycemia


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