On the sources of simple modules in nilpotent blocks

by Salminen, Adam D.

Abstract (Summary)
Let G be a finite group and let k be an algebraically closed field of characteristic p. If b is a nilpotent block of kG with defect group P, then there is a unique isomorphism class of simple kGb-modules and Puig proved that the source of this module is an endo-permutation kP-module. It is conjectured that the image of this source is always torsion in the Dade group. Let H be a finite group and let P be a p-subgroup of Aut(H). Also let c be a defect zero block of kH. If c is a P-stable and BrP (c) = 0, then c is a nilpotent block of k(H P) and k(H P)c has P as a defect group. In this dissertation, we will investigate the sources of the simple k(H P)c-modules when P = Cp × Cp. Suppose that we can find an H and c as above such that a source of a simple k(HP)c-module is not torsion in the Dade group. Then we can find H and c as above with H a central p-extension of a simple group. When p "e 3 we can also show that H can be found in a quite restrictive subset of simple groups.
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School:The Ohio State University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:block theory puig s conjecture source algebra nilpotent blocks


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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