Är skolans mål möjliga att nå för alla? : Hinder och förutsättningar för elevers måluppfyllelse i kärnämnen ur ett lärarperspektiv

by Agélii Hultström, Karin; Zetterström, Ann

Abstract (Summary)
The importance of education and lifelong learning are essential factors to ensure and stimulate economic growth in our country, to secure welfare and counteract polarisation of social classes. During the last five years statistics from the Swedish Board of Education shows a constant number of approximately 10 % of the students in year 9 who have not qualified for upper secondary education. This is because they have not attained the goals of the syllabus which require a pass in the core subjects of Swedish, mathematics and English. This fact is the reason for our investigation in which we illustrate teachers’ assertions and lines of arguments concerning impediments and preconditions for attaining the goals of the core subjects.In this qualitative study we have used interviews as our main approach. We have interviewed six teachers at five different schools in a medium size municipality in the south-west of Sweden. The study is divided into three levels, organization, group and individual level. On the organization level the key issues are school policy, school administration and the steering documents of the school. On the group level the key issues are the class/group and the working team and on the individual level the study focuses on the individual pupil/student and the individual teacher.The result indicates that the teachers’ lines of arguments were focused on his/her own role of importance for the pupils’/students’ attainments of the goals. Furthermore it appeared that the steering documents play an important part because they can be interpreted in many ways. Other factors shown in the study are that pupils/students are not motivated enough to do schoolwork and thereby reach the goals. There are pupils/students who are less talented and others who have a different cultural background and get enrolled in the Swedish school system late. They might therefore have difficulties attaining the goals. Thus our conclusion is; no it is not possible for every pupil/student to attain the goals of school!We use both the words pupil and student because we sometimes mean the younger children (pupils) but also the older ones (students).
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:goals to be attained fulfilments of steering documents curriculum syllabus core subjects impediments preconditions requirements qualifications organization level group individual


Date of Publication:02/08/2008

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