Föräldrasamverkan i skolan : Några föräldrars och lärares syn på hur samverkan kan fungera på en skola

by Ågren, Mia; Sjödin, Erica

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose with this final paper was to examine how the collaboration between parents and teachers can manifest itself. With collaboration, we mean the dialogue that has to exist between parents and teachers in regards to e.g. how well informed the parents are about the regulated principles on which the education plan is built on, and in which way they can take part in and influence the system. This is to empathize on the fact that a good collaboration between parents and teachers help create a good foundation for the pupil’s ability to learn.The method that we have used are questionnaires given to parents and teachers along with studies of literature both as means of furthering our studies as well as a basis for the design of the questionnaires. The in depth study of the literature shows that the education plan (Lpo 94) empathizes on a good relationship between the home and the school environment, since it contributes to endow the pupils with the best conditions to succeed in school.Many of the parents seem to be very well informed about the set goals and they feel that they therefore do not need to take part in the work to achieve these goals. One interesting result of the research with our questionnaires and our in depth study is that there are some specific factors that either complicates or helps the collaboration between the school and the home, it’s just a matter of making it clear what these factors are.An important conclusion is that it takes an open dialogue for the collaboration to evolve. As a teacher there is therefore very important to concretize how one wants to collaborate with the parents since there presence is important for their child’s schooling. This important connection can develop through formal as well as informal meetings between teachers and parents.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/08/2006

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