A simulation approach to the performance evaluation of a broadband indoor wireless network

by Parulekar, Subodh S.

Abstract (Summary)
There has ken a rapid growth in several segments of wireless personal communications in recent years. One of the potentid applications of wireless communications is to support multimedia applications on a broadband ATM platfom. In such a system, remote terminas may be capable of producing broadband real-cime trafnc such as variable bit-rate video or bursty instantaneous file transfen. In this thesis, we describe a broadband indoor wirefess system, where the base stations are comected through an ATM network. The ATM switch provides backbone connectivity among microcelis as well as widi the outside world. We investigate a broadband indoor wireless network (EUWN) employing tirne division multiple access (TDMA), based on polling, for dynamic bandwidth allocation. This thesis work aims at evaluating the performance of an indoor wireless network supporting high speed bursty traffic using a developed, simplified simulation approach. The results have been obtained through simulations which involve modeling the indoor radio channel behaviour, traffic heterogeneity and implernenting an efficient bandwidth management procedure. The performance of the BWN as seen by a given user texminal has been simulate..
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Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/1997

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