Skolsköterskors roll i arbetet med överviktiga barn i låg- och mellanstadiet

by Ekström, Johanna; Karttunen, Marie

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of the existing study was to describe how school nurses experience the complex of problems about obesity among primary school and middle school children, also to examine which strategies school nurses use to prevent/help these children. Amongst other aims, this study examines how school nurses experience cooperation with parents, teachers and other school nurses within this area. The method used was to interview seven school nurses in primary school and middle school from two school regions in the middle of Sweden. The interviews were recorded on tape and transcribed in verbatim. Sense bearing units were picked out and the material was categorized, which resulted in three main categories with ten subcategorise. The results showed that the seven interviewed school nurses considered that there is a problem with obesity in school children. The school nurses didn’t have any specific strategies to prevent obesity and the guidelines from the school health board were indistinctive, but four of the school nurses were working on preventive strategies on their own hand. All of the school nurses more or less had a strategy for helping obese school children, by meens of talking about nutrition and fysical exercise in health sessions. Four of the school nurses had created their own material. The material was then used to help the children with another way of thinking and change in lifestyle. All seven school nurses considered that a working cooperation with parents, teachers and other school nurses facilitated the work with the obese children.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:overweight obesity childhood school nurse primary


Date of Publication:01/09/2008

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