A review of the Psylloidea (Insecta: Hemiptera) of the New Zealand subregion

by Dale, Pamela Jane

Abstract (Summary)
The morphology of the Psylloidea of New Zealand region is discussed and illustrated. Keys are provided for the identification of genera and species. 81 species are recognised in 11 genera and 8 subfamilies within the families Aphalaridae, Triozidae and Psyllidae. Previously known genera are redescribed, and "Genus A" and "Genus B" are described as new. The new Australian genus "Genus C" is recorded from New Zealand for the first time. The following new combinations are proposed: Euphalerus apicalis (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), Euphalerus carmichaeliae (Tuthill, 1952). The subspecies Euphalerus carmichaeliae indistincta (Tuthill, 1952) is combined with the main species. Twentyfour new species are described. Nineteen are added to Trioza Förster, two to Anomalopsyll a Tuthill, two to Ctenarytaina Ferris and Klyver, and one in the new "Genus B". The adventive species Psylla foersteri is recorded from New Zealand for the first time, as well as an undescribed adventive species of Acizzia. The type species Atmetocranium myersi (Ferris and Klyver, 1932) is redescribed. The type species Acizzia acaciae (Maskell, 1894) and Ctenarytaina fuchsiae (Maskell, 1890) are redescribed and lectotypes designated. The type species "Genus A" zealandica (Ferris and Klyver, 1932) = Gyropsylla zealandica (Ferris and Klyver), Tuthill, 1952 = Metaphalara zealandica Ferris and Klyver, 1932 is redescribed. Euphalerus apicalis (Ferris and Klyver, 1932) and E. carmichaeliae (Tuthill, 1952) are redescribed. Trioza doryphora (Maskell, 1880), Trioza panacis Maskell, 1890, and Trioza australis Tuthill, 1952 are redescribed and lectotypes designated. The New Zealand species Acizzia dodonaeae (Tuthill, 1952) is separated from an undescribed Australian form previously recorded as this species. All other 29 previously known species of Trioza are redescribed. Fifth instar nymphs are described for the previously known species Anomalopsylla insignita Tuthill, 1952, Euphalerus apicalis (Ferris and Klyver 1932), E. carmichaeliae (Tuthill, 1952), Acizzia conspicua (Tuthill, 1952), A. exquisita (Tuthill, 1952), A. jucunda (Tuthill, 1952), A. hakeae (Tuthill, 1952), A. dodonaeae (Tuthill, 1952), Ctenarytaina fuchsiae (Maskell, 1890), C. clavata Ferris and Klyver, 1932, Trioza adventicia Tuthill, 1952, T. bifida (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. -curta (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. colorata (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. dentiforceps Dumbleton, 1967, T. doryphora (Maskell, 1880), T. discariae Tuthill, 1952, T. falcata (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. fasciata (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. hebicola Tuthill, 1952, T. obscura Tuthill, 1952, T. subvexa Tuthill, 1952, T. subacuta (Ferris and Klyver, 1932), T. schefflericola Tuthill, 1952. Junior instars are described for T. alseuosmiae Tuthill, 1952, and Atmetocranium myersi (Ferris and Klyver, 1932). The life history of Euphalerus apicalis (Tuthill, 1952) is given, and details of the life cycle or other biological information are added for many other species. The distribution and host associations of the New Zealand Psylloidea are summarised and the composition and relationships of the fauna discussed.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Dr T.K. Crosby

School:The University of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau

School Location:New Zealand

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:fields of research 270000 biological sciences 270500 zoology


Date of Publication:01/01/1985

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