On the relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties of TRIP-assisted multiphase steels : strength, ductility, fracture and fatigue

by Lacroix, Gauthier

Abstract (Summary)
In the context of sustainable development, steelmakers and automotive manufacturers decided for some years now to join their efforts to promote the development and use of advanced high strength steels such as the present TRIP steels in order to reduce the fuel consumption and emission of greenhouse gas. These multiphase steels contain some retained austenite, a ductile phase that can transform into hard and brittle martensite during a mechanical solicitation. One the one hand, this transformation improves the mechanical properties during plasticity by bringing about an additional work-hardening. On the other hand, the appearence of a hard and brittle phase can give rise to premature cracking after necking. Knowing the good influence of martensitic transformation on the work-hardening, this Thesis starts with the characterisation of the relationship between transformation rates and testing conditions. It appears that, for each testing condition, there is an optimum austenite stability that leads to a maximum uniform strain. After necking under monotonic loading conditions, the damage mechanisms that takes place in these steels has been characterised. It can be concluded that the TRIP-aided steels that present low or moderate austenite stability behave exactly like Dual-Phase steels, in which martensite replaces retained austenite. However, a very stable retained austenite brings about a significant toughness improvement by providing an additional work-hardening contribution in the necking zone. The mechanical behaviour of these steels has also been characterised under cyclic loading conditions. The results indicate that, for particular loading conditions (i.e. low load levels), the martensitic transformation improves the fatigue properties.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:damage fatigue trip fracture mechanism phase transformation steel


Date of Publication:11/23/2007

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