A qualitative evaluation of the Seniors ALIVE Program

by Buijs, Rosanne Marie

Abstract (Summary)
This study used inte~ews with four informant groups to qualitatively evaluate the Seniors ALIVE Program. This was a ten month health promotion program for low income seniors. A combination of exercise classes, health corners and newsletters was offered in the seniors' own apartment buildings. The purpose of the study was to discover progam impacts, factors influencing participation and to clarifjr the links between program interventions and impacts by explonng the expenences of program participants. Strong staff-participant relationships, participants feeling codonable in the program, dong with encouragement of participant autonomy, fun, and social interactions were ail important mechanisms of program function. How the program related to the determinants of heaith and contributed to successful aging is explored. Factors found to influence program participation supported Pender's (1996) ReMsed Health Promotion Model. The most cornmon impact identified by participants was "feeling bette?. Program goals of increasing participant independence and quaiity of life were realized.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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