„Prot? nutek?jimo“ problema Lietuvoje Europos S?jungos laisvo asmen? jud?jimo kontekste (profesinis aspektas) The problem of brain drain in Lithuania in the context of free movement of persons in the European Union (Occupational aspect)

by Labanauskas, Liutauras

Abstract (Summary)
Brain drain has been the object of much policy discussion in the gobal context for many years; however, in Lithuania it is a new phenomenon. The assessment of the brain drain scope in the country is not possible because of the lack of systematic data sources. This research discusses the brain drain issue in the context of free movement of persons after the EU enlargement.
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Advisor:Svorobovi?, Jelena; Udr?nas, Nerijus; Janušauskien?, Diana; Paulikas, Vygandas Kazimieras; Geleževi?ius, Rimgaudas; Kulakauskas, Antanas; Liekis, Šar?nas; Trimakas, Ram?nas


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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:brain drain laisvas asmen? jud?jimas free movement of persons migracija migration prot? nutek?jimas


Date of Publication:12/23/2005

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