A phenomenology of movies, subjects, objects, language and time reconsidered (again and again)

by Morris, Roberta

Abstract (Summary)
(Well. rhey don't cal1 it "abstract" for nothing) The aesthetic traditions in the West may be considcred bifurcated - oral and literate practices. folk and high arts. religious and secular expressions - one neither supplanting nor full. integrriring the other. and yt conjoincd in sorne movir practicrs. Employ ing a phenomenological method of investigation. and focusing on rnetaphysical issues that xose in the process of rhis bifurcation. 1 examine perception. langua_oe. tirne consciousness and aubjectivity wit h respect to movirs. 1 eonclude t hat ;iesthcric Sesrures _ornerally and movies in pÿnicular ways presenr an open structure of rneminp with respect to the subjrcr and to the world. as a relation with anothcr or an other. In religious terms this is the wholly Other. an infinite subject in infinire rime. and indeed this open structure of meanings is characteristic of religious meanings. This subject experiencrs agcncy and is rngliged in ethical relations as a condition of temporal existence that is sxpressed aesthetically - and movies make this much clex. Acknowled, arnents Deep thanks to my advisor. Howard .Adelman. and the other committee mernbers. to tan Jarvie who advised. insrructed. and wûs supportive of me in this projrct from an esrly stage. and to Claudio Duran who has been simply territic. 1 am gratehl to the members of the examining committee who were gracious and clear. and to Debra Brown. George Naddaf and David Johnson who provided invaluable instruction and were kind. Millie Bakan and David Jopling provided a perspective on phenomenology in their teaching. and even more in thrir style ofdoing philosophy and in their being. for which 1 am gratrhl. Thanks also ro Lorraine Code who encouraged me to begin this program despite a temporary disability. and to lim McCabe who encoura~ed me CO finish it. cursins for the first tirne in rny hearing in 20 yexs of friendship. 1 am grarehl for my parents who challenged me. and for rny chi ldren. Andrea and Nathaniel. who were patient and loving. as were my friends. Special thanks to those filmmakedadvisors and the wonderful friends who informed this work. particularly those who edited pans (three of whom are both filmrnakrrs and editors here): Phi1 Desjardins. again Andrea Morris Giu ffrida. Rosie Harrop. Tom Pcrlmuttrr. and Lconore Wigger. Thanks to the Social Science and Humanities Research CounciI of Crinada and York University for financial assistance. and to many students and faculty members in the Department of Philosophy ar York. to the suppon staff. and to librxirins rverywhrre who contribute in so rnany ways. To ail the artists involved in the media 1 love, the writers, musicirins, actors, directors. rditors. techrkians. craft service... philosophers dl. 1 dedicate ths work. The faults are mine; the bits of lisht by the grace of God.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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