A ?outra? história da igreja na América Latina escrita a partir do Outro, pobre e oprimido: a alter-história construída por Enrique Dussel

by Rega, Lourenço Stelio

Abstract (Summary)
For a long time the History of the Church in Latin America was written following the canons of positivist History, privileging the institution, power, politics, colonization and as a collateral effect, the intentional oppression towards the original people of the ?hidden? land, which through this form of writing History was forgotten, became anonymous, without the right of becoming the source, to also be counted as the builder of the historic facts. Furthermore, the History of the church was built from a eurocentric perception; this included the Latin American church that figured as an appendix in the History compendia. It would be necessary to provoke a revolution in the writing of History, doing it ?from the bottom?, from ?the basement to the attic?, starting from the forgotten people, instead of starting from the institution, from the Church. Thus the present thesis aims to demonstrate that the historical work of Enrique Dussel was constructed upon ?another? History of the Church in Latin America, built upon the Other forgotten one by the Church, the other poor one, but also oppressed, being therefore a History written by the otherness (alterity) of the person and not by the Institution. A History starting from the Other, for the Other and by the Other. An Alter-History (Otherness-History). This Enterprise of Dussel was concretized with the creation of the Commission for the Studies of the History of the Church in Latin America ? Comisión para Estudios de la Historia de la Iglesia en América Latina ? (CEHILA), directed continuously by him for 20 years and which was the object of his interchange in effecting the operating foundations of the ?other? History of the Church in Latin America
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Advisor:Fernando Torres Londoño

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:CEHILA Church history History of liberation Theory and methodology Otherness alterity


Date of Publication:08/27/2007

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