Framgång i säljande - om värdeskapande i säljar- och köparinteraktionen på industriella marknader

by Norén, Catharina, PhD

Abstract (Summary)
The research focus in this dissertation has been on success in selling as created in the seller and buyer interaction on and between macro-, meso- and micro levels. Success seen as a value has consequences for the exchange process, since it affects the actor's action in the seller and buyer interaction on different levels in companies. The study of value is limited to success in selling as a value; how it is reached, transmitted and used in the selling context. Sense making in the process of creating success in selling will be in focus in the analysis, that it may be understood both through the actor's interactions and in the way he acts and talks. The purpose is: To distinguish aspects that seller and buyer interpret as affecting on the process of creating the value success in selling on industrial markets. In-depth interviews and observations etc. were used as multi-methods to study actors like sales representatives, sales managers and buyer representatives. Rhetoric is used in the analysis to interpret actor's talk, and their interaction with other actors. Double interaction, habitus, field, capital and schema are the models used to analyze sense making related to interaction, as well as action between sellers and buyers on and between micro , meso- and macro level. The analysis of the interactions and interviews resulted in several aspects showing success in selling as a value. In the model these aspects form a model with two central themes, the selling group's knowledge management and buyer's needs. These affect the other four aspects that are peripheral in relation to them. They are social exchange, relationships on and between different levels in companies, cooperation, problem solving and risk management and competition management. They are important results from the analysis of success on and between micro-, meso- and macro levels, since the aspects makes it is possible to show how the seller and the buyer interact to solve different problems and developing selling and buying. The result shows that success in selling is a multilevel phenomenon and tight cooperation between the sales person, the buyer and other parties from both companies and network. The results of the study contribute to different areas of research, the main areas being industrial marketing and cognitive selling.
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School:Lunds universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:SOCIAL SCIENCES; SOCIAL SCIENCES; Business and economics; interaction; byuer; Seller; value creation; success; industrial marketing; Social sciences; Samhällsvetenskaper; Industriell ekonomi; Commercial and industrial economics


Date of Publication:01/01/2007

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