Avaliação oficial da eficacia de vacinas anti-rabicas para uso animal de origens e procedencias diferentes

by Amaral Moreira, Juliana do

Abstract (Summary)
With the main purpose of evaluating rabies vaccines for animal immunization produced in Brazil from 1988 up to 1996,2442 batches of vaccines, being 891 attenuated and 1551 inactivated ones, were examined. Among the latter, 1441 batches were produced in Brazil. Tests to check potency, safety and sterility were carried out. Within this period, 93.4 % (1346) lots of Brazilian inactivated vaccines and 98.2 % (108) lots of imported inactivated ones were approved. When evaluated by the calculation of 95 % confidence intervals it was observed no significant difference among the percentages of approval, showing homogeneity of the respective data throughout the period of study. With regard to the attenuated vaccines, during the same period 92.1 % (821) batches of vaccines were approved. Comparison of the 95 % confidence intervals showed statistically significant differences within the period of study. Comparison of imported inactivated vaccine with inactivated and attenuated Brazilian produced vaccines, showed significant differences among the percentages of approval showing that the imported inactivated vaccines were better than the Brazilian ones. The vaccines were also evaluated according to the animal species, which they were produced for as well as the percentage of non-approval as to the type of test. Among the inactivated vaccine higher percentages of non-approval were observed in the tests of potency, titration and potency plus titration. Furthermore, with regard to the attenuated vaccines, the Koprowski's potency test was compared with the titration test, with the objective of ascertain whether there was a possibility of working with on1y one control test
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Advisor:Antonio Fernando Pestana de Castro; Masaio Mizuno Ishizuka; Antonio Fernando Pestana de Castro [Orientador]; Fumio Honma Ito; Clarice Weins Arns

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:controle de qualidade virus


Date of Publication:03/19/1999

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