Kartläggning och visualisering av processer : Utveckling av styrsystem till drivlina

by Larsson, Elisabet; Nilsson, Josefin

Abstract (Summary)
This master thesis has been written at Scania’s research and development organization in Södertälje, during the autumn of 2007. Its purpose is to map and visualize the work process at the department power train control system development. The reason to do this visualization was to make an overall picture of the work process and have that as a starting point for further discussions and further improvements to be made. The picture is also a way of gather the know-how and knowledge in the organisation and to facilitate the transfer of those between people.Mapping the work process has been possible through interviews with the managers at the department and with a workshop that was held by us. The information that we at-tained during these occasions was put together to a description of what the work flow looks like at the present. Many of the tasks that the managers mentioned did not have a description and those which had a description did not always match each other. A big issue that we found during the mapping phase was that there is a shortage in the way the department handles the requirements on their product. This causes problems when planning and allocating resources to each project. Another issue we identified was the need to clarify how decisions are made about when and how the software should be de-veloped.With the information that we got from the mapping and theories that discusses proc-esses, product development and software development, we were able to analyse the cur-rent work process. We started with defining the system that the department constitute and proceeded with identifying processes from the descriptions of tasks given by the managers. We started to work on some new processes which should come to terms with the problems we had seen during the mapping. The new and old processes were then structured to make a uniform whole and placed in different categories depending on what they were meant to fulfil.After the processes were structured, we drew the map over the main process. The result is a visualization of the main process with the first level of sub-processes described. The biggest change we made was to add two new sub-processes in the beginning of the main process.The first of these sub-processes is about the start of projects at NE. The purpose with the process is to break down the main requirements from the project office, to get a bet-ter understanding of what NE should accomplish in each project. The way to do this is to gather the people concerned with handling the requirements and to discuss the re-quirements together. The planning of the project could be done at the same occasion. The result of the occasion would hopefully be a better understanding of what the or-ganization should do but will also help the object leaders to write an object definition.The next sub-process is concerned with the development of software. The important part is how to decide which functions and changes should be made to a specific time. We have seen a great need to clarify this process and to give it a bigger part in the main process. In this thesis we have made a proposition of how it could work, but there is still a need to develop it further and to create an understanding around it.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/11/2008

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