A new method for the modeling of elemental segregation behavior and partitioning in single crystal nickel base superalloys [electronic resource] /

by Caldwell, Eric Christopher.

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: Ni-base superalloys are made of twelve to fifteen different elemental additions. This makes it very difficult to understand and model the effect of each elemental addition on the alloy. When a single crystal Ni-base superalloy is cast, the elements partition to different portions of the microstructure (the dendrite core or interdendritic region). A partitioning coefficient, k, is commonly used to describe this. However, the degree of segregation of the individual elements from the dendrite core to the interdendritic region is only an approximate and can be easily skewed by inconsistencies in the data. To overcome this, the curvature, kappa, of the segregation profile was used as a segregation behavior parameter.
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School:University of Florida

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:elemental partitioning segregation superalloys


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