Hyperlipidämie nach Nierentransplantation Relation zu Transplantatfunktionsparametern in einer Querschnittsuntersuchung im Dispensaire der Charite

by Späth, Uta

Abstract (Summary)
Hyperlipidemia is discussed as a risk factor for deterioration of the renal transplant function and the graft loss. We examined the relations between the lipid metabolism and renal transplant function and their connections to factors like immunsuppression, rejections, transplant age und time of dialysis. In the first months of 1996 all patients having a renal transplant were offered an extensive blood control including cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, triglycerides, apolipoproteins A1, A2, B, Lp(a) und Apo E-Genotype. Afterwards the lipid parameters were put into relation to the clinical course of each patient. We included 201 patients in our study, they were 46,2 ± 11,4 years old. The renal transplantation was in 146 men (72,6 %) und 55 women (27,4 %) 7,7 ± 4,9 years ago. 143 patients got a Cyclosporin A based immunsuppression (71,1 %), 87 patients (43,3 %) were set on lipid lowering therapie. Creatinin 122 ± 86,9 µmol/l; cholesterol 253,6 ± 52,9 mg/dl; Chol/HDL-quotient 5,3 ± 2,3. Creatinin correlates significantly with cholesterol (p < 0,001) and the Chol/HDL-quotient (p < 0,001) - even in the group of patients without lipid lowering therapie (p = 0,001 and p < 0,001) - and LDL, Triglyzeride, VLDL and Apo B. The frequency of rejections did not differ between patients with and without hyperlipidemia. The Apo E-Genotype seems to have no influence on the lipid- and renal metabolism. The lipid parameters our patients correlate in our study significantly with the renal transplant function, but seem to have no influence on the frequency of rejections.
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Date of Publication:04/16/2003

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