A alienação na antropologia de Jean-Paul Sartre: um estudo entre "L'etre et le neant" e "Critique de la raison dialectique"

by Dalpicolo, André Christian

Abstract (Summary)
Through the study of L?être et le néant and of the Critique de la raison dialectique, we intend to clarify that the phenomenon of alienation represents the structure originated from the corpus sartrianum. This phenomenon is comprehended by two distinct forms: the primitive alienation and the objectified alienation. The first refers to the externalization of man as being-in-the-world, defining his historicity as much as his accomplishment in History. It represents the cornerstone of the concept of freedom as freedom of choice, because it indicates how the externalization of man points out the infinitization of the finite. The second is about the exteriority that happens in the meeting of two or more human projects, making it impossible for the human freedom to develop without the necessity until the present days, as these days illustrate the strength of the phenomenon of scarcity in History. Then, the objectified alienation corresponds to the finitization of the finite. In a certain way, it prevents the freedom as freedom of acquisition from appearing in the corpus sartrianum, because it reveals how the fate of the externalization of man is to be responsible for its exteriority. However, it does not mean that the possibility of transcendence of exteriority can not stimulate the work done by this externalization as being-in-the-world. In view of the idealism of the ?anthropological-ontology? the realism of the ?ontological-anthropology? emerges, turning into improbable any proposition that points out the division of the sartrian thought into two distinct phases, because it shows the manner by which the French philosopher attests the unity of his thought through the principle of nonconformity between the Being and the Wisdom. Therefore, it is possible to say that there is not the philosophy as system in Sartre
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Advisor:Benedito Eliseu Leite Cintra

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:alienation History


Date of Publication:05/13/2005

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