A multiscale model for predicting damage evolution in heterogeneous viscoelastic media [electronic resource] /

by Searcy, Chad Randall

Abstract (Summary)
A multiple scale theory is developed for the prediction of damage evolution in heterogeneous viscoelastic media. Asymptotic expansions of the field variables are used to derive a global scale viscoelastic constitutive equation that includes the effects of local scale damage. Damage, in the form discrete cracks, is allowed to grow according to a micromechanically-based viscoelastic traction-displacement law. Finite element formulations have been developed for both the global and local scale problems. These formulations have been implemented into a two-scale computational model Numerical results are given for several example problems in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique.
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School:Texas A&M International University

School Location:USA - Texas

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:major aerospace engineering multiscale fracture viscoelasticity cohesive zone asymptotic expansions


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