På väg mot målen : En studie om samverkansprocessen kring individuella utvecklingsplaner ur ett lärar-, elev- och föräldraperspektiv

by Rajamäki Frykén, Anneli; Svensson, Regina; Torstenfelt, Lena

Abstract (Summary)
Since January 2006, an individual development plan (IUP) should be prepared for every pupil in comprehensive school. The aim of development plan is to support pupils’ pos-sibilities to fulfil the goals of the National curriculum. General counsels of the National Board of Education (2005) states that both pupils and parents should be given the pos-sibility to influence on and participate in the work with IUP. We articulate that the co-operation process between teacher, pupil and parents concerning IUP, is of importance for pupils’ goal fulfilment. Therefore, the aim of the study was to elucidate how stu-dents and parents consider their participation in the cooperation process with IUP, and how the teacher involves students and parents in the process. In order to find out how the cooperation process concerning the individual development plan is considered by teachers, students, and parents, both qualitative and quantitative methods have been used. These consist of teachers’- and parents’ inquiries, and by pupils’ interviews. The result shows that both pupils and parents experience a great deal of participation con-cerning the work with IUP. The result also shows that the students through IUP have improved their awareness of the learning process. Regarding the teachers’ perspective, our study illuminates that teachers consider it important to involve both pupils and par-ents. Teacher’s reason for involving pupils in the work with IUP is to create participa-tion, motivation, and responsibility among pupils for an increased goal fulfilment. All in all, our study shows that a good cooperation process increases pupils’ goal fulfil-ment.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:individual development plan involvement participation cooperation process goal fulfilment


Date of Publication:02/11/2008

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