Från monopol till konkurrens : En analys av den svenska apoteksmarknaden

by Dahlquist, Emma; Lindberg, Andreas

Abstract (Summary)
Title: From monopoly to competition – An analysis of the Swedish pharmaceutical market Authors: Emma Dahlquist and Andreas Lindberg Tutor: Dr. Bertil Hultén Institution: Baltic Business School in Kalmar Date: 2008-05-29 Purpose: The purpose with our essay is to discuss how the deregulation of the monopoly will influence the Swedish pharmacy market from a competition perspective. Future operators on the prescription drug and the non-prescription drug markets will be studied. Our essay is also going to include an analysis of Apoteket AB and how they are going to act to keep a strong market position. We also intend to analyze the deregulation effects through more closely study the factors; access, price and service. Method: We have been using the qualitative method. Valuable information has been collected from our respondents by telephone interviews. Through the abductive approach have we been able to unite our theoretical and empirical part in order to summarize our result in an analysis and a conclusion. Conclusions: A development equal Norway's pharmacy market is according to us likely to wait for. Apart from Apoteket AB, we see clear indicators that the market will be dominated by three foreign chains: Celesio, Alliance Boots and Phoenix/Tamro. This will imply restructurings in the distribution link and according to us is it possible that wholesalers function within a near future will disappear. Instead, will probably vertical integrations come into existence between companies. Lower prices on prescription drug are not likely within the next couple of years. The general dealers have shown big interest in order to sell non-prescription drugs. Because they are not able to give advice in connection with the purchase of medicine is their strongest competition weapon the price and the accessibility. A lower price on medicine is thereby to wait for. We also believe that a product development and the origin of subordinate post surround the core service is to wait for in the pharmacies. Though we see potential operators on the market we have good hopes that the number of pharmacies will increase as a cause of the deregulation. This will lead to an increased accessibility in the form of longer opening times and higher pharmacy density. Apoteket AB should invest in marketing there strong brand in connection with the deregulation, but also to look after it skilled personnel when a deficiency on pharmacist can occur.
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Date of Publication:06/13/2008

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