A mobile file service based on double middleware [electronic resource]

by Zhang, Jinsuo

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: The proliferation of mobile devices has made mobile data management a hot topic in recent mobile computing research. One of the most challenging objectives of mobile data management is the vision of data access from anywhere at any time. Due to the special characteristics of mobile environment, mainly variable even absent network connection and the frequent unavailability of access to mobile devices, this vision becomes extraordinarily difficult relative to fixed, wired network computing. An optimistic data replication is a generally agreed upon method to alleviate the adverse mobile environment. However, the two currently most popular models, the Client/Server and Peer-to-Peer models, do not meet the need very well for this purpose in many aspects, such as data spectrum, communication mechanisms and simplicity. To address these challenges, in our research, we proposed an application transparent, double middleware-based software architecture. One logical mobile server is first introduced to provide highly available data service, which often cannot be met by mobile devices. Two middlewares, Mobile-Mobile Environment Manager (M-MEM) and Fixed-Mobile Environment Manager (F-MEM), are instrumented into mobile device and the highly available mobile server, respectively. The combination of M-MEM and F-MEM has taken the advantages of both the Client/Server model and the Peer-to-Peer model. In the new architecture, the
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School:University of Florida

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