A mobile code toolkit for adaptive mobile applications

by Omar, Salim H.

Abstract (Summary)
The rapidly expanding technology of cellular communication and wireless communication, portable computers, and satellite services promises to make it possible for mobile users to have access to information anywhere and anytime. Users on a daily bais are using portable devices frequently. These types of devices cm be classified primarily by their size. computational power. memory capacity, and power and battrry lifetime. For example, Personal Digital Assistant devices (PDAs) are smdl portable computers run on AA batteries. They may be without disk and have more constrains in terms of menory capacity and computational power than other portable devices, which are called laptops, that have more computation power, memory, more storage capacity; however; their battery Iifetime is shoner if we consider typical use of these devices. Finding approaches to reduce power consumption and to improve application performance is a vital and interesting problem to be investigated. Many approaches have been developed to address this problem. They range from hardware to software level approaches. Our work is at the application layer too, where an approach for adaptive mobile applications is developed. In this thesis, we propose a mobile code toolkit for adaptive mobile applications that mns on WindowsCE platform. With this toolkit we combine JVMs on both the proxy server and the mobile device as one virtual machine fromthe application point of view to dynamically split application objects between JVMs according to the mobile environment.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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