Användarnas förtroende för mobila tjänsters säkerhet : Vilka säkerhetskrav uppfyller mobila betalningstjänster och vilket förtroende finns för sådana tjänster?

by Johansson, Mattias; Andersson, Linus

Abstract (Summary)
The mobile technology is under constant development and the mobile phone today has many other functions besides just talking. The demand for new mobile services is constantly getting stronger since the mobile phone becomes more and more powerful. Among these services is the possibility to perform transactions of money. With this we mean using the mobile phone to pay bills and other services that is connected to a user’s assets. The transaction of money of course requires high security. What do the consumers know about the security surrounding these kinds of services? Today many payments and transactions that involve money takes place over the Internet from the home computer and the banks that offers these services claims that this is safe. But what do they say about the security surrounding their mobile alternatives? Does the necessary security exist for these mobile services and does it have the consumers trust? If the users do not trust the security surrounding the mobile service, they will probably not use them. We will therefore with this thesis try to investigate if the security that surrounds the mobile payment services is equivalent to when the services is used on a home computer and if the services has the users trust?The purpose with this thesis is to investigate the users trust regarding mobile payment services and if these services fulfil the same security demands as when they are used normally at the home computer. The study began with a review of existing theories regarding the security for mobile Internet and Internet usage on the home computer. Thereafter interviews took place with experts having great knowledge regarding mobile Internet security. We then performed a web-based survey to get information about the users trust for the security surrounding mobile payment services. We used a focus group with the aim of helping us selecting relevant questions for the survey. The results from the interviews and the survey study were then analyzed with the chosen theory.On the basis of our survey we can draw the conclusion that the majority of respondents do not trust the security that surrounds mobile payment services. The majority is of the opinion that it is not as safe to use mobile Internet services as to use the corresponding service from the computer at home. However half of the population could very well consider paying bills with the mobile phone and a large part of the respondents would also like to use financial transactions with this kind of media. We also conclude that a mobile phone does not reach the security standard of a home computer.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mobile security transactions user trust for internet


Date of Publication:06/19/2006

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