A marca na moda jovem: a relevância da experiência colateral na eficácia comunicativa da marca

by Cara Almeida, Mariane Tojeira

Abstract (Summary)
The identity of Fashion brand, especially in young universe, is build by severalinformation that are beyond the commercialized clothes. To understand thecomplexity and therefore to get more knowledge about this phenomena, thepresent research intends to analyze the relevance of Collateral Experience -theoretical concept from Charles Sanders Peirce in his Theory of Signs - to buildan identity to brands. In this case, Collateral Experience is what assigns aprevious knowledge with the symbolic meaning of brands, mainly in teenagerage. This kind of previous knowledge is developed by various contacts withdiverse mass media and other media systems used in everyday life by youth. Theresearch corpus was mainly defined from analysis of recent researches, asDossiê Universo Jovem 3 from MTV music channel and Retratos da JuventudeBrasileira, report organized by Helena Wendel Abramo who presents the currentsituation of youth in Brazil. To give account of considered subject, the appliedmethodology was based in non-racionalist Peircean semiotics. The stages of thisresearch includes bibliographical survey about main subjects, as theoreticalbasement of Peircean concepts through his writings and writings from hisinterpreters; studies from Fashion theoreticians, also books and papers aboutMarketing and Media, as well as analysis of the recent research above cited,other related researches and pragmatic observation of the fact. Given theincreasing attention destined to studies that involves brands, the present workshows relevance in Communication and Fashion area, raising questions aboutconsumption behavior in generation who has been born in later 80?s and early90?s, those who grew in front of TV and were plugged and connected in Internetsince their first years of life, showing the great relevance of cyber culture andmedia to get information and knowledge, also in Fashion scope
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Advisor:Maria Lucia Santaella Braga

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:comunicacao marca moda juventude mídia semiótica de produtos aspectos sociais jovens conduta semiotica


Date of Publication:05/04/2007

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