A longitudinal outcome study of lateral luxation injuries to the permanent maxillary incisors of children and adolescents

by Nikoui, Mandana

Abstract (Summary)
A longitudinal outcome study was undertaken to assess variables that influence tooth su~vai, pulpal and periodontal outcornes of laterally luxated permanent maxillary incisors of children and adolescents. A sample of 42 patients (26 male and 16 female) with 58 laterally luxated incisors was identified. The mean age at the time of injury was 1 1.3 years (range: 6.3- 17.8 years). Pulpal necrosis (PN) and pulp canal obliteration (PCO) were common healing complications. Cox and logistic regression analysis demonstrated that root development and extent of lateral luxation were not significantly related to PN and PCO @> 0.05). This study represents the first to report incisor su~val of children and adolescents following laterai luxations. In the entire sample (n= 58) no incisors were observed to fail. Therefore, parents cm be informed that the suMva.1prospects for lateraily luxated incisors in children and adolescents are excellent. Key words: trauma, permanent incisor, lateral luxation, survivai analysis, pulpal necrosis, pulp canal obliteration, prognosis
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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