The legitimation of the financial activity as decisive question forthe fulfilment of the constitutional objectives of the Brazilian State

by de Souza, Daniel Veloso

Abstract (Summary)
In this study we discuss the financial activity currently performed by the Brazilian State analyzing the public model in the current Federal Constitution. This study is divided into fivechapters, each containing four topics that obey the following logical sequence: Taking some primordial considerations into account, we will proceed to comprehend state, generally, andBrazilian state, more specifically, remembering to link state (including right democratic) and financial activity. From then on, we understand financial activity as any state?s maintenanceand growth most important engine. Eventually, some real data about Brazilian Financial activity are studied, decreasing the distance between some studies and our Constitution. Withthis study, we intend to answer the following question: Is it constitutional and materially legitimate the relationship between the public incomes and expenses seen in our statestructure? This question sounds reasonable because, as we define its shape, we will identify the positive and negative points of the financial activity developed in our country, showingthat misunderstandings in this field open room for many social inequalities in our country. Research and our own experience turned out to be very important to the development of thisstudy
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Advisor:Raymundo Juliano do Rêgo Feitosa

School:Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Financial Activity Legitimacy Goals Brazilian State


Date of Publication:05/11/2005

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