The interaction between increased estrogen and increased cortisol is necessary for normal blood pressure control in late gestation [electronic resource] /

by Li, Feng.

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: During pregnancy, plasma concentrations of cortisol and estrogen usually increase. In previous studies, we observed that hypotension resulting from hypoadrenocorticism occurs more quickly in late-gestation pregnant ewes, and is frequently fatal to both mother and fetus. This dissertation examines the effect of increased estrogen on the hypoadrenal state (Addision?s disease). Increased estrogen concentration did not decrease mean arterial pressure (MAP) in ovariectomized ewes who were either adrenalectomized or adrenal gland intact. However, the adrenalectomized ewes showed cyclic change in MAP after 20 hours withdrawal of corticosteroids; this pattern did not occur in adrenalectomized ewes treated with estrogen. Estrogen treatment did not alter the vascular responseness to phenylephrine either before or after infusion of the nitric oxide inhibitor L-NAME (L-nitro-N-arginine methyl ester) in adrenal intact or hypoadrenal ewes.
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School:University of Florida

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