Förändringsarbete inom socialförvaltningen

by Persson, Berit

Abstract (Summary)
This report is about changes in an organization. Changes is something that every organization sooner or later is bound to do. In many cases the changes leads to problems and conflicts. I have chosen to study one change process in the home help service of the municipality of Bollnäs. The change process I have chosen to study is about changes in the day-to-day work for the employees at the home help service. Before the change the municipality bought cleaning services from ISS, a cleaning company. After the change the home help service employees are supposed to do the cleaning. The aim with this report is to see how one single change process is carried out in the municipality of Bollnäs.I have spread a questionnaire to the employees at the home help service. I personally know some of the employees and that means that I have good access to them. The advantage with that is that they all talk to me and answers my questions; they see me as one of them. The disadvantage with good access is that some of the employees may answer my questions with answer they believe I would hear, instead of what they really think. I have also interviewed and talk to them and to their directors. And finally I have talked to the national trade union, Kommunal.The home help service employees and their directors do not agree with each other concerning how this change process was carried out. And they do not agree with each other about the way it was handled. The top directors in the organization believe that this decision is good and that the communications during the process worked well. They do not think that any dissatisfaction has come up. The department directors and the employees at the home help service did not like this decision at all. They believes that they have not been informed and not a part of the discussions before the decision. The national trade union thinks that the new way of working means more heavy moments for their members. The local politicians think that the decision is the best way to go. They had two bad options to choose between, less hands in the care or more work moments for the employees. The first option was not really an option.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:organisation ledning kommunikation


Date of Publication:02/06/2007

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