Ökad informationskvalitet på Nils Hansson Åkeri AB

by Bartoll, Caroline; Karlsson, Marie

Abstract (Summary)
This report is a study of information quality that has been carried out at Nils Hanssons Åkeri Ltd. The objective was to focus on the information flow at the firm. This was done by three case studies where two departments, the market department and the traffic management department, were studied. These departments were chosen because there is a natural flow of information between them that has not been evident for everybody involved before.Today, the information flow has a difficulty to contribute to the value creation process. The case studies were analyzed by means of an information quality model where the flaws were made visible. A scale model was designed in order to visualise the balance between the material and the immaterial flow. The scale model visualized that the current focus is the material part. The importance of a well functioning information flow is not prioritized. This makes the scale unbalanced and it weighs over to the material side. In order to restore the balance, it is required that everyone concerned sees the information as a product and not as a by-product.The case studies led to three improvement suggestions. The first is that NHAB should designate one person that is responsible for the whole information quality process. The next suggestion is to have annual meetings involving the two departments. The third suggestion is to have a central place were the departments can share information. It was also required to have a checklist that can increase the information quality.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:07/04/2007

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