The impact of residents clubs for owners on the choice of private residential buildings in Hong Kong

by Yeung, Ka-yee

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) ABSTRACT Buying a private residential housing is the most prevalent phenomenon in Hong Kong. Within the private sector, choice of housing is based upon various matters as what the household can afford, what is available in the preferred area and other personal preferences. No matter you are potential or registered owners, there are numerous influencing factors imposed on your choice of decision on buying private residential buildings in Hong Kong. A review of the literature has shown that the developers of private housing estates in Hong Kong often include part of luxury and extensive clubhouse facilities as built-in recreational amenities to attract buyers for housing purchase. Provisional of these prestigious residential clubhouses are often viewed as a marketing tool for promotion of a sense of pride for owners having "private clubs" in a highly competitive property market. On the other hand, most homeowners recognize that with the rise of living standard, the desire to have club facilities built in close proximity is also increasing so as to upgrade the marketability on selling flats and enhance property value. This thesis attempts to study the impact of a recreational clubhouse for owners in their choice of buying private residential premises in Hong Kong. Ninety-seven registered owners of the prominent and large housing estates, which already have built-in large scale and extensive clubhouses at the initial stage, responded to a questionnaire survey. Detailed information on the housing choice and opinions on the functions of recreational clubhouse services within the housing estates were collected. A quantitative approach using statistical analysis of the responses to the survey was carried out in researching the study. iii Twelve factors related to the determinants on decision of buying the residential housing were listed for respondents ranking in order of importance from 1, being the most influencing factor to 12, being the least. The results of the survey indicated that the overall ranking of clubhouse sports facilities and clubhouse recreational services, which are based on the amount of the respondents, are respectively at 7 and 12. The top five influencing factors are price of the house, reputation of developer, surrounding environment, accessibility to work and interior design of the house. For the ten specific aspects of the recreational clubhouse services listed in the questionnaires, the results illustrated that the three most attractive functions of clubhouse services, which affected the owners' decision on buying the existing housing premises, are provision of sports and recreational facilities, the interior design of the clubhouse and the provision of leisure programs and activities. In considering of the most essential determinants influencing housing choice and attractive aspects of clubhouse services imposed on owners' decision of housing purchase, this thesis concluded that the built-in luxury and extensive residential clubhouses targeted for promotion of a prestigious identity when buying the properties might not be a well-suited marketing tool for developers to achieve significant impact on influencing the potential owners for housing purchase in the competitive property market. In brief, it is essential for the developers to provide right scale of recreational clubhouses in the residential properties, in order to best suit the users and enable the effective operation management for club operation in long run. IV
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:house buying china hong kong decision making dwellings


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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