Studenthälsans image : En fokusgruppundersökning om Uppsalastudenternas bild av organisationen och dess sätt att tilltala dem

by Backman, Sofie

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: The picture of Studenthälsan – a focus group study of the image that students in Uppsala have of the organization and of how they look at the way the organization addresses them. Studenthälsans image - en fokusgruppundersökning omUppsalastudenternas bild av organisationen och dess sätt att tilltala demNumber of pages: 65 (73 including enclosures)Author: Sofie BackmanTutor: Göran SvenssonCourse: Media and Communication Studies CPeriod: Fall 2007University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala UniversityAim: The aim of this essay is to study the image that students in Uppsala have of Studenthälsan and its excersice department. This includes how the students perceive the organization’s way of communicating with them, both in terms of the marketing and their reception at the facilities, and what they would like to be different regarding this in the future.Method/Material: Together with literature studies, a qualitive method has been used and three focus group interviews with a total of 15 informants have been conducted. One group contained students that are customers of Studenthälsan, one group contained only students that use anther training facility, and a third group was a mixed group which combined both students training at Studentälsan and elsewhere.Main Results: The main results from the focus group interviews show that theimage of Studenthälsan varies among the students. The studentsthat use or have used the facilities are generally slightly more positive about the organization. Generally, students feel that the organization is accessible and they like the student-dominated clientele. However, the the overall opinion about Studenthälsan’s image is quite vague and the marketing material is regarded dull and often too informational. The students are mobile and do not feel loyality toward the organization as such. Studenthälsan is in need of a clear communication platform to strengthen its profile and thus further improve its image among the students.Keywords: Studenthälsan, students, image, profile, relations.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:studenthälsan students image profile relations


Date of Publication:07/03/2008

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