A handoff rerouting scheme for wireless ATM networks

by Fu, Lei

Abstract (Summary)
With high demands of the market, the capabilities of wireless networks are progressing at a fast speed. Wireless ATM is one of the proposed solution technologies to meet the high bandwidth and QoS requirements. Handoff is one of several challenging issues to be resolved network connections in operational wireless ATM networks. During handoff, a mobile's need to be rerouted from one base station to another base station. Since handoff cannot happen in zero time, ATM cells need to be stored in a buffer during the connection. The handoff procedure cari cause delay and loss of the ATM cells because of buffering. This thesis proposes a new handoff scheme called Sofl Handoff Like Rerouting (SHLR). Soft handoff is utilized in radio links during network rerouting. This scheme aims to minimize latency due to connection rerouting and at the same time improves radio link quality during the handoff procedure. Results from both simulation and analytical models indicate that the SHLR scheme parantees a lower ce11 loss ratio and a lower mean queue delay. iii
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Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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