Política habitacional e a produção e reprodução de assentamentos precários em Itajaí: 1997 - 2008

by Alves de, Luiz Antônio

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis low-income public housing policies are analyzed. Causes of the low effectiveness of the latter policies in the municipality of Itajaí in the last two decades, expressed in an increase in shared housing and in the dissemination of precarious settlements, are sought for. The study points to the ineffectiveness of the housing projects and funding programs based on onerous resources and long-term contracts, in face of the uncertainty, instability and short-term conditions, which dominate the day-to-day basis of families living in situations of social vulnerability. Self-construction in precarious settlements and shared housing are alternatives to rents incompatible to low and uncertain incomes. Thus shoddy settlements, in which social fragmentation, violence, family disintegration, precarious labor and low educational rates, further domestic vulnerability. The low effectiveness of the housing policies in Itajaí is related to the shortcomings of the projects, regarding financial necessities and capacities of families, the predominance of a political culture of clientelistic relief and the incapacity of low-income families of transforming facts into acts as to force administrators to place housing matters in the forefront of their agendas. It is also related to the particular incipient institutional capacity of the City Council of the period, which defied the elaboration and execution of the projects themselves. The high investments of PAC (Accelerated Growth Program) and the new National Housing Policies brought about qualitative changes in the institutional capacity and housing investments of the city from 2007 on. The incorporation of popular participation and the integration of the Comprehensive Master Plan with land-use regularization, urbanization of precarious settlements and housing constructions open new horizons for the sector.
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Advisor:Julian Borba; Joseli Maria Silva; Erni José Seibel

School:Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:políticas públicas itajaí sc política habitacional sociologia


Date of Publication:12/17/2008

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