Hapsite® gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC/MS) variability assessment /

by Skinner, Michael A

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Title ofThe,,;is: -HAPSIT~ Gas OJromatoa;rapbfll!lS Spo=trometa'" (GOMS) Varubihty " '55 IIQll- Author: Capt Michael A. SkinneT MasterofSc~ in Public Health Thetis Directed by; CDR Gary L. Hook. Pili) AssistllI\t Professor Department ofPrevcntive Medicine and Biometrics The HAPSITESI pomble ps..duomatograph-mass IIpClCII'I)rI>etCl (GC·MS) UISlruInenI Ipinst 3S cbem> and lOO pam per billion concemratiom.. A standard oneminule sampling method and. tri-bcd conc:aurator(Carbotrap YICaiboIrap Ind CICarboltCf1 1018) WCI"C used. The ~ision was meuumj with the pciCeIlt relaa:ive lUU\dard deviation, which ranged from 10 10 72% fClr both eonccn\nilions. One: source of vllliation was identified in the HAPS1TEtl inlern.l air sample pwnp. The pump fiow rale was set at 100 mVmin but actual flows ranged from 49 10 126 mVmin. No cleaT trends WC'I'C obser.·ed based on the age or the location of the inStruments.. The HAPS1TECl inslI1.lmcnts lCSled 5howed ...100 10 +340% aVcr.Iile percent diffc=w;<: from the exJ)C(tC(l cooccnuation.. With improvementsi to the internal .ir$aIllp1e pump and IIlOfe accUBle calibruiOil ClII'\o"CS the HAPSITEIl portable GC-MS cal be.better oo-SoCC:DI: qlWltitativc IlIIUUiIIenL ' "
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School:Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

School Location:USA - Maryland

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:chemical warfare agents gases asphyxiating and poisonous chromatography gas mass fragmentography chemistry analytical hazardous substances environmental monitoring exposure time factors cluster analysis reproducibility of results comparative study sensitivity specificity occupational health disaster planning risk assessment specimen handling terrorism national security


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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