The friction between rationales of national ownership, macroeconomic prudence/supervision and financial restructuring in national banking sectors, how global/regional trade agreements have intensified a competitive rivalry among financial firms operating in the global economy based on the differences between domestic regulatory frameworks

by Svihran, Katrina

Abstract (Summary)
Masters of Public Policy and the Global Economy 1999 Katnnasvihran Department of Politicai Science University of Toronto 1 seek to examine the dynamic intercomection between a range of disparate regulatoxy interventions that infiuence andlor constrain the strategic positioning of financial firms, which may also possibly give rĂ¯se to a competitive strategy used by national banks that may be accessory to the creation of anti-cornpetitive practices, aibeit justifiecl in the name of macroeconomic prudence and supervision, 1illustrate these complexities in the case ofCanada. in tum, 1 concluded that the gains fiom the liberalisation of national banking sectors are only reaIised if policy interventions are left untouched. Ia this sense, the process of hieralisation involves reaching a consensus on where to draw the line between regdations that are barriers to trade and re-dations that are necessary for prudentid purposes.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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