The freshwater Chaetophorales of New Zealand

by Sarma, Pranjit

Abstract (Summary)
Restricted Item. Print thesis available in the University of Auckland Library or available through Inter-Library Loan. The present study, the first of its kind in New Zealand, is based on over 1600 collections gathered from all over the country. A total of 83 taxa (72 spp and 11 varieties/forms) belonging to 26 genera are described in the present work with as complete information as possible. Of these, 14 taxa (including 3 genera: Diaphragma, Epibolium and Gloeoplax) are new to the southern hemisphere and 31 taxa (including 8 genera: Chaetotheke, Cloniophora, Diaphragma, Draparnaldiopsis, Epibolium, Gloeoplax, Gongrosira and Physolinum) are new to New Zealand. The following 13 taxa have been described as new to science: Chaetophora attenuata Hazen var. claytonii var. nov. Draparnaldiopsis taylorii sp. nov. Gongrosira chapmanii sp. nov. G. jollyi sp. nov. Stigeoclonium fasciculare Kütz. var. henriquesii var. nov. S. fasciculare Kütz. var. amrutii var. nov. S. islamii sp. nov. S. lubricum (Dillw.) Kütz. var. nathanii var. nov. S. lubricum (Dillw.) Kütz. var. nairii var. nov. S. nudiusculum (Kutz.) var. lamii var. nov. Trentepohlia jolithus (L.) Wallr. var. anthonyi var. nov. T. flintii sp. nov. T. rigidula (Muell.) Hariot var. lynchii var. nov. A new combination (Cloniophora paihiae (Islam) comb. nov.) has been proposed and descriptions of three species (Phycopeltis expansa Jennings, P. prostrata (De Wildem.) Schmidle and Trentepohlia peruana (Kütz.) Printz) have been emended. Two species of Trentepohlia: T. lagerheimii De Wildem. and T. willei (Tiff.) Printz are considered as conspecific with T. peruana (Kütz.) Printz and are reduced to synonyms of the latter. SEM studies of many taxa, more particularly of Trentepohliaceae, have been made for the first time. An antibiotic property has been recorded in one new taxon of Stigeoclonium (S. fasciculare Kütz. var. amrutii var. nov.). Each and every taxon has been illustrated. Maps showing New Zealand and world distributions of the taxa are provided. For the first time a review of New Zealand and world literature on the order Chaetophorales as a whole has been carried out. Several taxonomic problems and discrepancies in the literature have been indicated and the course of future work has been suggested.
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School:The University of Auckland / Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau

School Location:New Zealand

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/1976

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