A framework for incorporating the prevention of infectious disease transmission into the landscape design process

by Ward, Sarah Elizabeth.

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A FRAMEWORK FOR INCORPORATING THE PRMMION OF INFECTIOUSDISEASE TRANSMISSION INTO THE LANDSCAPE DESIGN PROCESS Sarah ElizabethWard University of Guelph, 1999 Advisor: Professor RobertD. Brown This thesis is an investigation of the relationship between infectious disease transmission and landscape planning and design. The goal of the study is to determine ways in which landscape architects can positively impact human health through designs that minimize the risk of infectious disease transmission. The ecology of Lyme disease in North America is used as a case study for the examination of the relationship between infectious disease transmission and landscape planning and design. The study consisfs of an extensive review of existing literature pertainingto the ecology of infectious diseases, the ecology of Lyme disease. and the planning and design process; the integration of this information; and the development of a set of guidelines for policy-making, planning, design, and management. The information gathered through the literature review is integrated into a disease control framework that consists of a generic decision tree, and a Landscape Feature Checklist that is specific to Lyme disease. I would like to thank my thesis advisor, Professor Robert D. Brown, for his advice and good humour, which made this process as painless as possible. Also, thanks are due to Bob for encouraging me to pursue this topic despite its apparent novelty. I would also like to thank Professor Jim Taylor for pinch-hitting as a committee member at the last moment and nevertheless managing to provide excellent recommendations. I would also like to thank my friends, particularly Mark, Heather, and John, for making Gueiph a fun place to be. In the immortal words of another fine MIA, "I love you guys - why you do this to me?" Finally, I wouId like to thank my family for their various means of suppori - technical, financial, and otherwise.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1999

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