On focusing of strong shock waves

by Eliasson, Veronica

Abstract (Summary)
Focusing of strong shock waves in a gas-filled thin test section with various forms of the reflector boundary is investigated. The test section is mounted at the end of the horizontal co-axial shock tube. Two different methods to produce shock waves of various forms are implemented. In the first method the reflector boundary of the test section is exchangeable and four different reflectors are used: a circle, a smooth pentagon, a heptagon and an octagon. It is shown that the form of the converging shock wave is influenced both by the shape of the reflector boundary and by the nonlinear dynamic interaction between the shape of the shock and the propagation velocity of the shock front. Further, the reflected outgoing shock wave is affected by the shape of the reflector through the flow ahead of the shock front. In the second method cylindrical obstacles are placed in the test section at various positions and in various patterns, to create disturbances in the flow that will shape the shock wave. It is shown that it is possible to shape the shock wave in a desired way by means of obstacles. The influence of the supports of the inner body of the co-axial shock tube on the form of the shock is also investigated. A square shaped shock wave is observed close to the center of convergence for the circular and octagonal reflector boundaries but not in any other setups. This square-like shape is believed to be caused by the supports for the inner body. The production of light, as a result of shock convergence, has been preliminary investigated. Flashes of light have been observed during the focusing and reflection process.
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School:Kungliga Tekniska högskolan

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:TECHNOLOGY; Engineering mechanics; Fluid mechanics; shock focusing; imploding shock; converging shock; reflected shock; annular shock tube


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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