The fetish of the pedagogy of competence in professional education

by Carmo Gomes, Hélica Silva

Abstract (Summary)
The fetish of the pedagogy of competence in professional education derives from a research line in Education, Labor, and Social Movements of the College of Education ofthe Graduate Program in Education of the Federal University of Goiás. In this work we investigate the curriculum of two institutions in professional education from the point ofview of the pedagogy of competence, aiming at the understanding and identification of their constitutive elements. The approach was based on the review and analysis of literature and official documents, as well as the institutions under consideration. We analyzed the pedagogical proposal adopted by these institutions in terms of the technical courses they offer by the study of course plans and interviews with coordinators, instructors and students. We could observe an intimate connection between professionaleducation and the immediate need of the market. This research demonstrates that the idea of pedagogy of competence is constructed from parameters that come from the philosophy of pragmatism, which, in turn, favors subjects related to production practice in detriment to the political and social characters of labor. By moving its teaching ethodology in a pragmatic way to a mere utilitarianism, this pedagogy creates an illusion because it advertises the discourse of employability which leads students to believe that, just byacquiring the competences for the production practice, they become employable. The consideration of qualification as the sole requirement for employability hides economical,political, and social factors that affect this question. The concept of unitary school of Gramsci (1979) is pointed out as an alternative to the current education targeted to labor,and is able to think of professional education from the perspective of the philosophy of praxis, in favor of an integral formation of the worker.
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Advisor:Angela Cristina Belém Mascarenhas

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:professional education pedagogy of competence fetishism


Date of Publication:08/30/2007

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