An experimental investigation of transonic flow past two-dimensional wedge and circular arc sections using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer

by Bryson, Arthur Earl

Abstract (Summary)
Interferometer measurements are given of the flow fields near two-dimensional wedge and circular arc sections at zero angle of attack at high subsonic and low subsonic velocities. Both subsonic flow with local supersonic zone and supersonic flow with detached shock wave have been investigated. Pressure distributions and drag coefficients as functions of Mach number have been obtained. The wedge data are compared with the theoretical work on flow past wedge sections of Guderley and Yoshihara, Vincenti and Wagoner, and Cole. It is shown that the local Mach number at any point on the surface of a finite three-dimensional body or an unswept two-dimensional body, moving through an infinite fluid, is a stationary value at Mach number one and, in fact, remains nearly constant for a range of speeds below and above Mach number one. On the basis of this concept and the experimental data, pressure distributions and drag coefficients for the wedge and circular arc sections are presented throughout the entire transonic range of velocities.
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School:California Institute of Technology

School Location:USA - California

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:01/01/1951

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