An evaluation of the odds ratio as an estimator of vaccine efficacy

by Manno, Michael S.

Abstract (Summary)
Tlie ret rospect ive case-cont rol st udy bas ofteri been soiiglit as a quichr. Iess rspeiisive alteriiative to t lie prospective coliort stiidy in t lie evaluat ioii of vaccine effica(->-. I-iili kr the prospective stiitly. wliicli coinpares attack rates or siisceptihility in the vacriiiatcil and uii~acciiiatrtl. t lie cap-cor1trol st ild~. cuiii pares vacciiiat ion odds i ii disrasrd aiif 1 rion-cliseased. \Vtien t lie cliseasr is rare tliis poses lit t le probleiii. But. ivlieii tlisrasr i tirideiicr is liigli or vacciiir efficacy is loiv. t lie odtls ratio terids to overest iiiiatr \.ai.riiit\ etficar > -. I'sing tlie niotlels of wcciiie action iritrodiirrd b>- Siiiitli ci al. ( 19d-l) NI. rsatiiirir t lit* odds ratio iiiider two sariipliiig sclieiiirs for select in; cotit rols. Epidcitiir siiiiiilat ions of uniforiiily niising aiid st rat ifiecl populatioiis are iisrd to esatiiiiii~ t lit. rstiriiators wlirti varcitiat ion coverage is everily -iiig clrgrers. FinaIl > -. rrsiilts froiii botli prospet-tive aiid retrosprctive rfficary trials uf Hm rirophilirs i~tjliir nznc I> vat.c.iiies are discussrd iri liglit of t lie tititliiigs.
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Date of Publication:01/01/1997

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