Marknadsföringsteorier i små företag : – ett vinnande koncept?

by Colic, Ivana; Jaderian, Taniel

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: A traditional assumption among managers has been that small businesses function the same way as big businesses but in a smaller scale. Welsh and White have written the article “A small business is not a little big business”, and their perception is that the very size of small businesses creates special conditions for small firms. The aim of this thesis is to illustrate the requirements for marketing in small businesses.Method: The scientific study in this thesis is based on a hermeneutist stand point.We have studied marketing at a university level and have from this been able to draw certain conclusions and opinions on the subject. We have however also relied largely on the material we have collected about marketing, from discussions with co-authors and others that have been involved directly with the thesis. Our analysis on this subject comes mainly from and is based on collected articles, literature and interviews. The final analysis is also largely based on our own personal interpretation and understanding of the material used to gather the information used in this thesis.Result and conclusion: We have in our analysis shown how participating firms use marketing. The theories we have used such as SWOT – analysis, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, marketing mix, are all applicable and we believe that they are fully usable. We have furthermore been able to show that several of the companies already use many of these theories, but that there lacks a greater understanding behind the use of marketing. The participating firms have the basic requirements and conditions to market themselves. Although their strategy is not always thought through and there is a lack of understanding for the marketing concepts.Suggestions for future research: To thoroughly analyze one or several small businesses and thereby it is possible to find specific suggestions for marketing adapted to a small firms inadequate knowledge of marketing, resource limitation and size of the company.Contribution of the thesis: The aim of this thesis is to illustrate the requirements for marketing in small businesses. We have been able to state that small firms often have good conditions, despite lacking marketing knowledge and slight resources. This is often seen as a problem in small businesses, although these flaws do not have a negative impact on a firm’s profitability and survival. The marketing theories that we applied to the participating seven firms have been shown to be applicable. It is also shown that participating firms already use marketing theories, but not as a known strategy.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:small business swot–analysis market segmentation targeting positioning and marketing mix


Date of Publication:09/16/2008

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