Kunskapsöverföring i ett globalt management konsultbolag : En fallstudie i överföringen av erfarenhetsbaserad kunskap över landsgränser

by Danielsson, Axel; Karlsson, Daniel

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of the study is to study how a global management consulting firm works internally with knowledge transfer across national borders of the hard to express, experience-based knowledge of a consultant. The qualitative data which is presented in the empirical part of the paper was collected through interviews with employees at the case firm Accenture. The result of the study showed that practical knowledge is transferred through formal meetings, and a “learning by doing” process, where consultants of different nationalities and degrees of experience work together on projects. Experiences from projects are collected, stored, and transferred to the Knowledge Exchange database, in a process where the practical knowledge is transformed into theoretical knowledge and made available to the entire company. The study shows that Accenture has routines that help them overcome most of the impediments presented in the existing theory. The impediment that Accenture expressed to be a problem within their organization was information overflow.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:knowledge transfer management consulting practical theoretical impediments


Date of Publication:11/16/2008

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