Påverkansteknik i en livsmedelsbutik : En fallstudie av påverkansteknik på PA:s Kvantum

by Bengtsson, Lena-Marie; Stenqvist, Helena

Abstract (Summary)
Every day customers are exposed to a large quantity of publicity of different kinds. Big amounts are put every year in publicity and the competition among the companies to be shown on the market is getting harder and harder. It is important for companies to understand the buying behaviour of the customer and since most of the decisions are made in the store, many companies make efforts to influence the customers and their decisions in the store.The problem formulation in this case study is: What does a grocer store do to influence the customer’s buying behaviour?The purpose of this essay is to identify and deepen our understanding of what factors that influence the customer’s buying decisions and what methods a grocer’s store use. The thesis is based on a case study and interviews have been done with two persons at PA:s Kvantum in Falköping.The theory starts from a model of buying behaviour by Kotler (2006) that has been adapted to fit our research problem and purpose. We have focused on the part of the model that deals with marketing stimuli, and includes product, price, place and promotion. On top of this, two P:s have been added, i.e. personnel and physical evidence.The results from the study show that the store in our case uses all of the P:s to influence the customer’s decisions in the store. It is not possible to distinguish any P that has greater importance than another in the work with controlling the buying behaviour of the customer; they are all used parallel and consociate to achieve as big effect as possible.If a company successfully identifies the factors that influence a customer’s buying behaviour, the marketing measures can be optimized and adjusted to the current market; with the hope of a better result.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/17/2008

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