Bärande eller bristande? : - en studie av Bällstabergsskolans kommunikationssystem -

by Sundström, Jenny

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractPurpose/Aim: The aim of this essay is to map out how the communication is organized at the Bällstabergs School in Vallentuna. The purpose with the essay is to illuminate the pros and cons with their system so that a communicationstrategy could be worked out from the basis of the results. The aim is devided into three different questions at issue: What does the organizational structure look like and how does it concide with the communication? What does the present communicative work look like? Which communicative needs can be identified?Method: The methodology contains two parts. The first part is an analysis of the present organization. The analysis could be used to map out the communication in an organization convex and see how it coincide with the organizational structure. The material comes from the webpage of the Bällstaberg school, different documents, the schools communication plan and from conversations. To complete the analysis there are interviewes that show the present communicative work and identifyable needs.Main results: The structure of the communication is formal and coincides with the structure of the organization. The information goes from the principal to the managementgroup and then through the supervisor to the workgroups. The intranet is mentioned in the communication plan as a channel but hasen´t been applied more than usage of e-mail. The results show that the persons interviewed are pleased with the formal communication system, but point out minor shortages and problems. The system takes time and can not handle information that must reach members quickly. The interviewed persons inquire about an alternative channel that gives a general view and is accessible. The meetings play an essental part in the communicative work but there is a wish for formality and a more distinct structure in these. The management plays a great role and wishes for a more developed cooperation between each other to be able to make their work easier. The intranet is used limited where the only function that is used is the e-mail. All together is a need of a communication plan that works as direction in the communicative work.Keywords: communication, organization, organizational communication,research traditions, internal communication, formal and informal systems, qualitative interviews, formal systems
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:communication organization organizational


Date of Publication:10/12/2005

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