Internetmarknadsföringens effektivitet : en studie på fyra utvalda former av Internetmarknadsföring

by Gustavsson, Jennie; Krüss, Linn

Abstract (Summary)
The society is developing fast and the development is constantly on-going, new technology results in new opportunities and new problems for both companies and consumers. The use of Internet has heavily increased around the world; this means that the companies can use Internet as a channel of communication to reach the consumers. The most recent type of marketing is web marketing. The fact that web marketing is constantly changing raise the question of how effective different types of web marketing are.The purpose of this study is to investigate four selected types of web marketing. This is achieved by comparing the response from the consumers and the cost for the different types of web marketing. The four types of web marketing that are included in this study are; traditional web marketing such as banners and pop-ups, search engine marketing, marketing through blogs as well as communities and finally virtual marketing.This study is based on a survey investigation and the data is collected through questionnaires, focus groups and secondary data sources. The survey comprises consumers ranging from the age of 16-34 years who lives in the area of Stockholm. The data has been analyzed through correlation calculations to investigate if there are any relations between different variables. The relations that were found were analyzed more in detail and discussed further. The analysis is based upon the theoretical synthesis which is a result of different theories and previous research.The result from the survey shows that the most effective type of web marketing is marketing through blogs and communities. The most ineffective type of web marketing is traditional web marketing. Marketing through blogs and communities is perceived as entertaining and is based upon a communication model that is more individual adapted than the communication model for traditional web marketing. Results show that web marketing, adapted to the consumers’ interest is more effective. It is also important that the web marketing does not interrupt the consumers flow. Furthermore, web marketing where the consumers can choose to take a more active role are more effective than other types of web marketing. Web marketing that is spread through the consumers’ personal contacts receives a more positive response than web marketing that is directly posted by companies. To avoid irritation among the consumers a mixture of different types of web marketing is preferable. The strongest correlation was between the consumers’ opinions about the different types of web marketing and how they react to them. According to the results there is a general opinion that web marketing is irritating. Previous research supports the majority of the results and conclusions in this study.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:web marketing viral


Date of Publication:02/06/2007

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