The effects between two slotted plate flow meter under single, two, three components flow condition [electronic resource] /

by Park, Sang Hyan

Abstract (Summary)
In previous work on the slotted flow meter, repeatibility and reproducibility were studied under different flow conditions and different configurations. In accordance with previous work, the effects of the distance between the slotted plate were identified as an area requring further investigation. The preset 5D distance is expanded to the 10D distance. The flow coefficient KY, the pressure drop, and the uncertainty analysis is conducted. There were definite deference in the results between the 5D distance and the 10D distance in many aspects. As a base line, the flow coefficient KY showed 0.8% %7E 2% difference between the 5D and the 10D distance case. Depending upon the upstream flow conditions, the reproducibility of the slotted flow meter was affected. The pressure drop increased as the upstream Reynolds number increased. The result from the analysis of the water cut meter showed that there are definite relationships between the parameteres of the water cut meter and the parameters of the flow.
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School:Texas A&M International University

School Location:USA - Texas

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:major mechanical engineering multiphse petroluem flow meter


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