A participação comunitária e social como indicativo do desenvolvimento da estratégia saúde da família na Região do Vale do Itajaí

by Vasconcelos Samalea, Dulce Maria

Abstract (Summary)
The Family Health Program expansion reached more than one Brazilian population chaplet, and it has been showing that peculiarities are highlighted like, the work contributionwealth of Agents Communitarians of Health, the work multiprofissional purpose in the teams, the link between team, population and territory, and the stimulus to the Community and Social Participation. The community?s health problems facing, and the health indicators positive change suppose a reliable relation between public system and the population. They suppose that talk it permeates the encounters, they suppose that the system, the services, the teams and the professionals be made an effort in share, change, communicate. The health system gathers and produces much information. Not always they are used to the communication. The health professionals learn, in your formation and in your practice, many things, they have much information, not always they are used in the communication with thepopulation. Studying the Community and Social Participation like strategy development main factor family s Health, with the goal of knowing the practices Community and SocialParticipation behavior by the Family Health teams that act in the region of Medium Vale of Itajaí get information quantity qualitative that confirm the hypothesis formulated that theFamily Health teams that use the Community and Social Participation like work tool has a better performance and produce a larger impact in the population style and way life positive change to them entailed. They were going collected and argued important data that give a character of very value to the affirmation that Community and Social Participation is a development wide aspect marker, therefore your impact happens so much in the Family Health effectiveness like in the population life style and way positive changes
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Advisor:Marcos Antonio Mattedi; Marco Aurélio da Ros; Marilda Rosa Galvão Checcucci Gonçalves da Silva

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Family Health Program


Date of Publication:03/30/2003

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